Exclusive, Dynamic, Experiences

An innovative mobile technology and contact platform that connects brands with people, in location, in real time.

Actify connects people to brand experiences via their mobile phones without the need to download an app.

A portable, closed 4G DNS wi-fi network and content platform that makes connecting to brand experiences as simple as connecting to wi-fi.

Connect customers to your brand in 3 simple steps.

1. Instant

Simply connect to Wi-fi by selecting Actify as you would a normal Wi-fi network.

2. Seamless

A captive portal displays content immediately.

3. Engaging

Interaction with bespoke content is now effortless.

Rich, immersive content experiences

From basic information and education to rich media experiences or gaming, Actify ability to access smart phone functionality enables a wide array of innovative and creative content experiences.

Rich, actionable data.

Actify provides a depth of data that provides powerful insight and understanding to optimise engagement.


Active and passive counts of people who connect to Actify wi-fi and language settings.

Operating Systems

Captures operating systems, IOS, Android and Windows

Day Parts

Actify monitors connections and usage minute by minute.

Content Consumed

Monitoring content consumed allows Actify to gain insight and understanding of content and optimise for deeper engagement.

GPS Tracking

With ability to access mobile phone location data we can track participant movement by day part.


Easy, hourly and daily reporting of data that can be actioned and optimised.

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